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Dial 703-228-4715 for inclement weather info

The Arlington inclement weather page gives more information.

Who We Are

The Arlington Girls Softball Association is dedicated to providing the means for young female athletes to play and compete in the game of fastpitch softball in Arlington County, VA. AGSA seeks to provide a community based, volunteer youth sports organization that is committed to fostering the highest ideals of good sportsmanship and teamwork while providing the opportunity and support to achieve whatever goals in our sport that the individual seeks. The ultimate purpose is to better prepare our youth for adulthood and make them better participants in the global community.

What We Do

AGSA is Arlington's only girls fastpitch softball organization and has both recreational and competitive travel programs. The recreational program or "House" league is comprised of teams ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old. The House leagues have 2 seasons, fall and spring and is geared towards girls learning to play the game. The House league has an All-Star program the "Spirit" that has tryouts, forms teams starting at the end of the spring season and plays  into the summer. 

The next level is the "Sage" travel team program that form teams that have tryouts and form teams at the end of the summer. These teams play at a highly competitive level and practice, train and play games year round. The "Sage" is geared  for girls that want to play in High School or are already playing for their home school.  The "Impact" elite travel program is very similar to the Sage, but with an emphasis on girls that want to continue playing softball in college. Impact teams offer individual player bio's and other recruiting assistance. They often enter tournaments that are designed to showcase their abilities to college coaches who are in attendance specifically to recruit players for their school. 

The AGSA's recreational (House) teams are organized by age/grade and start at Kindergarten and go through high school level teams. AGSA is dedicated to providing the opportunity for school-age girls in Arlington to learn the game of softball and develop softball skills from an early age.  AGSA relies on volunteer administrators, coaches, field helpers etc to keep the organization running. While the Travel and Elite teams are more widely recognized, it is the House leagues that provide the foundation for all other AGSA programs by teaching the sport at an early age, instilling a love of the game and developing athletes with strong fundamental skills and providing a pathway for girls who want to take their softball development to higher levels.

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